Change in Mission

6 Jul

I have all ways gone into things head first and finding myself on the deep end of any hobby I have. When I was in middle/high school it was music that was the focus of my interest, later it was video games, then it was reading, and so on. When I find a new interest it is all I want to do. I live and breathe whatever new interest I have and let all other things fall by the way side. Usually I will go through phases of really being interested in music and catching up on that end and then it will switch to really being interested in video games, or a book series (I’m looking at you Game of Thrones), or comic books. It really is in phases and I know enough of myself to realize that it will just come and go. One week I may be hardcore into video games again, like a few months ago when Bioshock Infinite was released, and the next week it might be something new. The key is that it eventually comes full circle and whenever the little gerbils on a wheel that run my brain decide it’s time for something new I will to back to these interests that I love, and I will just pick up wherever I left off.

Lately it has been comic books and I have been spending a lot of my time catching up and getting into various series over various decades. Which means as of lately I have been staring at my Pride and Prejudice box set of the mini-series from the 90’s week after week wanting to get it started but finding every excuse available not to. It’s not that I have given up on my mission but it’s just not the peak of my interest as of late and I would rather wait until I am fully back into Pride and Prejudice mode to start writing about it again rather than force myself to write about it when my interests are elsewhere.

That being said I have lots of opinions on other things and have paid my webhosting fees to have this website so I am going to use it. I am now in addition to Pride and Prejudice material will write about whatever else I am interested in at the time while peppering in some Pride and Prejudice material whenever possible. It’s a marathon not a race and I will still complete my goal of watching/reading/listening to every form of Pride and Prejudice out there!


Gossip Girl (St. Jason)


2 Responses to “Change in Mission”

  1. Vy Chazen July 6, 2013 at 8:29 pm #

    Have you watched the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube? It’s the best modern adaptation. I wrote about it on my blog:

    I’m writing a P&P-esque novel but I’m not adhering to the whole story. 🙂

    • St. Jason July 6, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

      I have heard about it and have it on my checklist of things to watch. I might just skip to watching it next rather than watching the 5 part mini-series as it keep looking more and more daunting every time I try to start it. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely check out your blog as well!

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