Pride and Prejudice 1995 Episode II: The Two Towers

23 Apr


The Quest Continues

We pick up after the business with Jane with the Bennett’s at the dinner table explaining the entail and stating that their cousin Mr. Collins is coming to visit. This was a little weird that the girls seemed unaware of Mr. Collins or the entail seeing as it will be a pretty big deal if their father were to die. And we are talking about the 1800’s so pretty much any illness or infection was all most certain death. This version of Mr. Collins was a lot creepier and terri-awesome than the 2005 film version. Mr. Collins and all his awkwardness is one of my favorite parts and this miniseries has not disappointed. Mr. Bennett also showcases his wit as he is constantly making snarky remarks to Mr. Collins who is completely unaware.

Wickem enters the picture in this part and you get a lot more sense of the flirting / liking relationship that Lizzie and Wickem had in the book in this version. It was nice to see their relationship since it is cut so short in the 2005 film version. I thought it was funny that Jane picked up that Wickem and Darcy hate each other during their first meeting. It was such a subtle glance that indicated their hate that it was kind of ridiculous she would pick it up. Jane also warns Lizzie that Wickem is probably just spitting game in order to get in her pants and she should watch out. He also pretends not to know Georgiana and indicates that she’s kind of a bitch. Wickem also sort of seems to like his lady folk young in this version. He seems way more interested in Lizzie’s sister once he learns she 15 and not 16.

The next big scene is at the ball at Netherfield in which the entire Bennett family manages to make a complete ass of themselves. I think they did a great job with this scene more so than the 2005 film version did. In the book the rudeness and unruliness of the Bennett’s one of the deciding factors for Darcy to convince Bingley not to get with Jane. In the 2005 film the Bennett’s are a little unruly but never really all that much more than the rest of the people at the party. In this version though you can see just how unruly they all are throughout the entire ball. Not only is Lydia throwing it at any boy she sees but Mary is completely unaware at how awful she sings and Mrs. Bennett gets sloshy drunk. Not only does it make the Bennett’s look bad but you really see how little Mr. Bennett has over is family. It was something that comes up in the book a lot, especially in the later areas but Mr. Bennett’s ineffectiveness to handle his shit is a big theme in this book. Having him just sit back and be unable to stop his family from embarrassing themselves illustrates this quiet well. There is a wonderful scene of Mr. Collins introducing himself to Mr. Darcy who wants none of his bullshit.

Mr. Collins proposal is still as awkward and awesome as ever. I like the character of Charlotte Lucas more and more in this version as she is the voice of reason.

I still don’t see how we have 3 more parts left of this series, we are at roughly the half way point of the 2005 movie and still have 3/5 of film to see.

Drinking Game

  • Every time Mary plays the piano, double drinks when Mary starts singing
  • Whenever Mr. Collins mentions Roseings or Lady Catherine De Bourgh
  • Whenever the word Pride or Prejudice is mentioned
  • Whenever there is dancing or Lydia mentions dancing
  • Specifically when Mr. Collins mentions the Chimney that costs 8k take a shot
  • Take a Drink every time that Mrs. Bennett takes a drink during the ball
  • Pour one out when you see Charlotte leave with Mr. Collins

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