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13 Dec

I’ve been seriously neglecting my obligations to review Pride Material. Like Mr. Darcy vowing his love to Elizabeth I vow to my faithful subjects that I will have a new post next week discussing the 2005 Pride and Prejudice Film


Gossip Girl


Yippie Kay Yay Mother Fuckers!

23 Sep

One Book to Rule Them All…
Join me on my journey as I attempt to read all the book adaptations and film adaptations possible of Jane Austen’s masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice.  My goal is to read/watch every form of Pride and Prejudice possible (with the exception of the, what looks like hundreds, of fan fiction books).  I have only so far seen the 2005 film version staring Keira Knightly like 5 times and have never actually read the book.  So we will be embarking on this journey with fresh eyes, and will be hoping to God I don’t actually hate the book because its going to make this process a lot harder if I do!  I have just personally noticed that Pride and Prejudice more so than other classics has been re-imagined more so than other material.  There has to be a reason and I am going to find out!

My goals are to go about this in every form of media possible and not just straight review every each new piece of Pride and Prejudice I consume.  I may do some podcast style discussions of some of the pieces, do written reviews of some, talk specifically about characters, and other ideas that pop into my brain.  I want to keep this fast, loose, and fresh so when I get into a new form we’ll see how it lends it self to be discussed.

I will also keep posts of what I will be reading and talking about next so those that want to follow down the rabbit hole can follow along.