The mission of Live Free or Pride Hard is to consume every form of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  Graphic novel? Check. Five part BBC miniseries? Check. Zombie fan fiction? Check.  If it’s out there I’m going to try to find a way to consume it and talk about it in an interesting way.  I haven’t actually read anything by Jane Austen before.  My reading experience so far with her is that I was suppose to read Emma in high school and only made it 3 pages in before I just read the spark notes instead.  I’m not saying Emma is a bad book but that in high school it seemed like a lot of work and the spark notes were good enough for what I needed to do.  I think this will give me a unique perspective for this project going into the material with fresh eyes and not having years of attachment with it one way or another.

Jane Austen said it best when she stated, “listen mother fucker, I don’t care what limit they set on the amount of shrimp I can have either I get this shrimp or you get a stab in the kidney”.

I have all ready committed so I plan on seeing this through no matter how shitty the adaptation is, so lets do this!


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