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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

17 Feb

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Poster

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Book

First there was a book and now there is a film.  Again I have failed this blog.  I had beautiful, beautiful plans to review the book and to write a lot of posts leading up to the film and then cap it all off with a film review.  I did none of these things.  I’d like to say that I’ll change my ways and start posting more but that didn’t quite work out last time, so I’ll just be honest and hope I at least get another post in before years end.  But we aren’t here to talk about what a terrible job of blogging I’m doing, we are here to talk about Pride and Prejudice, and Zombies.

The movie has a cold open in which Mr. Darcy investigates a possible zombie disturbance at the Featherstone house.  Darcy uses flies (which are attracted to dead flesh) to find a newly turned zombie hiding in the party.  He kills said zombie and we then cut to a montage that explains the zombie crisis and current state of England.  We then start at the Longbourne with the Bennet girls cleaning weapons when a telegram comes informing them that Netherfield has been let by a young Mr. Bingley…

From here we switch back and forth between a straight telling of Pride and Prejudice with some zombie aspect sprinkled in here and there.  Besides the occasional zombie attack and plot points dealing with the zombie war the movie is mostly unaltered Pride and Prejudice.  If I were to make a split I’d say 70% Jane Austen and 30% zombies and added material.  Most of the dialogue is exactly as it is in the book and in general all the major plot points are left as they are.  I was actually very surprised at how much Austen made it through the addition of zombies.  I wouldn’t suggest it but if you were a high schooler assigned to read Pride and Prejudice this might actually make for an adaptation you could use in place of reading the book.

Here are some of the plot points from the book that (more or less) make it through unaltered, most of which with the original dialogue:

  • The initial ball at Meryton in which Elizabeth overhears Mr. Darcy insult her, largely intact
  • Jane visiting Netherfield and getting sick from the ride over
  • Mr. Collins coming to Longbourne and awkwardly proposing and getting rejected by Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth going to Rosings to visit Charlotte Lucas
  • Mr. Darcy awkwardly proposing and getting rejected by Elizabeth in Rosings
  • Mr. Darcy writing Elizabeth explaining why he hates Mr. Wickham and apologizing for his treatment of Jane
  • Lady Catherine confronting Elizabeth about marrying Mr. Darcy
  • Lydia running off with Mr. Wickham
  • The double wedding of Darcy / Elizabeth and Bingley / Jane

The biggest differences were around Mr. Wickham who kidnaps Lydia in order to lure Mr. Darcy.  Pretty much the last 1/4th of the movie is devoted to tying up the whole zombie subplot.  The gist of the zombie plot is that these zombies only become  undead and mindless after eating human brains.  There is s sect of zombies that eat pig brains instead of human brains and managed to maintain their sanity.  Mr. Wickham discovers this sect and proposes a truce to work with the zombies, to get them pig brains and have humans live with the zombies.  It gets a lot more spoilery from here so we’ll just leave it at that.  I know it seems like big differences from the Jane Austen story but I can’t stress enough how much Pride and Prejudice made it in the movie.  When they aren’t dealing with zombies they rarely mention them and the dialogue is generally word for word from the book.

So what did I think of the movie?

Overall I enjoyed the movie and will probably buy it when it comes out on Blu-ray.  The acting was actually done really well and for as silly as a premise as this movie is everyone is playing it very seriously.  When there are emotional beats in the movie the actors are really giving it their all and really putting forth an effort.  The expositionary zombie intro felt really unnecessary.  They spend a lot of time in this movie world building around the zombies that never really pays off.  There is a whole sub plot about Chinese vs. Japanese fighting styles that is mentioned 2 or 3 times before being entirely abandoned.  I can buy in that there are zombies in this world and that our cast is some how trained to fight them.  The over explaining just points out how ridiculous the zombies are.  The movie would have been better off just explaining it once and not digging in to it.  Adding fighting to classic Pride and Prejudice scenes was really great.  When Darcy insults Elizabeth during the first proposal she straight kicks him in the chest and it is really satisfying.  I said it before but if you were just trying to slog through major parts of Pride and Prejudice as they were written, this movie is a decent adaptation.  Overall I still think it was a fun idea to add Zombies to such a classic work and this movie gives you enough to be entertained without straying too far from the source material.

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Lastly I am obsessed with Funko POP! figures and they have released a set of six for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I will be most definitely picking up.  If you haven’t seen Pride and Prejudice and Zombies yet you should get on it.  It hasn’t been doing too well at the box office (sadly) and will likely not be there for much longer.


8 Weird Pride and Prejudice Things You Can Buy

26 May

I don’t know if you are aware but Pride and Prejudice is pretty popular, and its popularity has lead to a lot of merchandising.  I did a lot of scouring on Amazon and Etsy and most of the stuff I could find was actually pretty cool.  There are a lot of phone covers, posters, clothes, and other things with some real elegant designs.  However, there is also a lot of weird stuff out there too.

1) Jane Austen Bandages

Jane Austen BandagesYou can get these on amazon for $6.91 and free prime shipping!

2) Pride and Prejudice Gun Safe

Pride and Prejudice Gun Safe

This gun safe hidden in a copy of Pride and Prejudice is available on amazon for $29.99.  However if guns aren’t your thing you can buy thing Pride and Prejudice weed box instead.

Pride and Prejudice Weed Box 2

3) Pride and Prejudice Video Game

Matches and Matrimony Game

Take the starring role in Jane Austen’s most popular novels as you become one of the Bennet sisters in search of a husband. Will you pursue Mr. Bingley, whose good nature has already endeared him to your sister, or perhaps Mr. Darcy, the famous protagonist from Pride and Prejudice? The narrative of Matches & Matrimony comes from the combining of 3 different novels, allowing you to create new storylines from Miss Austen’s most famous works! As you play you, will pick your daily routine to improve your characteristics, and then select your own path through the intersecting stories. With 9 different endings to be discovered, Matches & Matrimony can be played again and again as you create your own tale of classic romance.

  • 9 Different endings!
  • Hours of replayability!
  • 6 suitors to pursue!
  • 3 Novels in one game!
  • Thoughtful and Provocative gameplay!

It’s available on PC and Mac for $6.99


4) Jane Austen Action Figure

Jane Austen Action Figure

The Jane Austen Action figure comes with her own Quill and copy of Pride and Prejudice! Available for $11.29 on amazon.

5) Longbourn Tea

Longbourn Tea

It’s not that I think that it is weird they made a Pride and Prejudice Tea, its that they made it Longbourn.  If you are going to name a tea after a house in Pride and Prejudice you got to name it after Pemberley, am I right?  Well this tea is available on Amazon for the cool price of $14.95.

6) Mrs. Darcy Baby Bib

Mrs. Darcy

When it is to early to dream about being a future Mrs. Darcy? I would say if you are still wearing diapers its a little too early.  This bib and various other “I Love Darcy” bibs are available on amazon for $9.99.

7) Pemberley Soy Candle

Pemberly Soy Candle

You can make your house smell like Pemberley, but I wouldn’t count on Mr. Darcy knocking on your door to insult and propose to you.  Available on Etsy for $10.00.

8) Jane Austen Toothpaste

Jane Austen Toothpaste

After I found the bandages I thought to myself surely it’s not going to get weirder than this.  I was wrong.  You can get your very own tube of Jane Austen toothpaste for $6.15 on Amazon.

Pride and Prejudice Episode VI: The Half Blood Prince

16 May

Pride and Prejudice 1995

We’ve made it to the end! It only took me almost two years to actually finish watching it but I have finally watched the entire 1995 Pride and Prejudice BBC mini-series.  It’s been a long journey, there have been two Fast and Furious movies, and at least 5 seasons of The Voice.  Anyway now that I am back on track I’m going to continue to write something every week.

We pick up in this episode where the last ended, with Mr. Wickham agreeing to marry Lydia for an unknown sum of money (presumed to be paid by Mr. Gardinder).  Mrs. Bennet has entirely forgiven/forgotten any transgressions and is ecstatic.  Every one else in the family, not so much.  Wickham and Lydia come back to Longbourn and Wickham tries his best to lay the charm on everyone but Lizzy is not having it.  She subtly lets Mr. Wickham know that she knows about him and his past and does not approve.  Lydia manages to be a huge cunt and piss off everyone.  It really is as if she ran away and got married simply to rub it in all her sisters faces.

Mr. Bingley returns to Netherfield!  All the Bennet ladies are pretty stoked even though Jane tries to play it off that she doesn’t really care.  We see a cool scene with Mr. Darcy telling Mr. Bingley that he kept it from him that while he was in London Jane was also there.  Bingley is mad but gets Mr. Darcy’s blessing in him pursuing Jane.  Mr. Bingley immediately goes to see Jane and Miss Bennet slowly makes the daughters leave so they can be alone.  Lizzy and Kitty are excited, Mary gives zero fucks.

Part 6 - Mary Zero Fucks

Next we get a surprise visit from Lady Catherine De Bourgh to Longbourn.  We have seen Lady Catherine being terrible before but this is truly her shinning moment.  She begins by insulting Mrs. Bennet and everyone in the house and asks Lizzy to take a walk with her.  On their walk we find out the actual reason for her visit.  Unknown to Lizzy she had been told that Mr. Darcy was to propose to Lizzy.  Lady Catherine wanted to confirm and shut this down.  Now it wouldn’t be Lady Catherine if she hadn’t done this in the most insulting and demeaning fashion possible.  Seeing as Lady Catherine is being the biggest bitch imaginable Lizzy toys with her a bit before finally admitting that she is not actually engaged with Mr. Darcy.  When Lady Catherine tries to make her promise to reject any proposal that Mr. Darcy might make in the future Lizzy refuses.

Part 6 - Picture 2

Lizzy has her most gangsta moment her and tells her “You have insulted me in every possible way, and can now have nothing further to say.”  aka, bitch be gone.  Lady Catherine has a huge hissy fit and leaves.  Apparently she brought her daughter along with her who looks like she is going to die at any moment.

Part 6 - Picture 3

After this Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy make a surprise visit to Longbourn and decide to take a walk into town.  Mr. Darcy makes one last attempt to Lizzy and asks if her feelings are the same as they were or if they have changed, if they have changed he will not bother her again.  Lizzy confesses they have and that she loves him!  They become engaged and Mr. Darcy gets Mr. Bennet’s permission.  Mr. Bennet is concerned since he believes Lizzy hates him but Lizzy assures him she is in love with Mr. Darcy.

Part 6 - Double Wedding

Also in attendance to the wedding is Mr. Bingley’s sister who’s resting bitch face is amazing.

Part 6 - Resting Bitch Face

Every one is in attendance of the wedding with the only exception being Lydia and Mr. Wickham and Lady Catherine and her deathly daughter.


Mrs. Bennet’s ability to forget what just happened is pretty amazing.  Mrs. Bennet goes from Lydia being the worst and ruining the entire family to her being the model daughter.  Mr. Bennet at least is still pissed and although the drama is over, will likely hate Mr. Wickham for the rest of his life.

Lydia is the worst.  She has at no point learned from her mistake or what the effect of her actions could have had on her sisters.  She not only doesn’t feel bad but is actively bragging and boasting about her marriage to all her sisters.  It seems like her only goal in her entire marriage was to rub it in her sisters face.

Lady Catherine is amazing in her ability to be a cunt to everyone.  I don’t think she has the ability to feel empathy for anyone but her self.  The wedding scene was pretty satisfying when it showed a shot of every one in attendance and then cut to Lady Catherine and her daughter alone in Rosenings, where the pair will assumedly die alone.

Part 6 - Picture 6

In the end I liked a lot of things about this version of Pride and Prejudice.  Being that it is 5-6 hours long as you would guess they don’t leave anything out.  They also include a lot of other moments that weren’t in the book or in the 2005 film version.  I liked the thoroughness and I liked seeing things through some of the other character’s perspective.  I think that the performance of Lady Catherine and Mr. Collins was the best I’ve seen so far.  I felt that the performance of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy was great but not as good as the 2005 Film.  If you are a big Pride and Prejudice fan this mini series is for you, and likely you have already seen it.  If you so-so fan then you might want to avoid this version.  It is very long and honestly the story of Pride and Prejudice just doesn’t require 6 hours of material.

There were really some stand out moments but overall it felt more like a chore to watch the entire series than it was sometime I really got into.  If you want to watch it the entire series is available now on Amazon Prime for members, however it is no longer available on Netflix streaming.

Drinking Game

  • When Mrs. Bennett is terrible and ungrateful
  • Whenever Lydia is a cunt
  • Anyone plays a piano
  • Mrs. Bennet mentions the Collins
  • Every time Mrs. Bennett Winks
  • Lady Catherine is a cunt
  • Miss Bingley’s Resting Bitch Face
  • When they say fornication and cut to Lydia during the wedding
  • Pour one out when you see Lady Catherine and her Daughter die alone at the end

Pride and Prejudice Episode V: Fast Five

10 May

Pride and Prejudice 1995

This episode starts with the meeting of Lizzy and Georgiana Darcy.  Mr. Darcy’s feelings come out through this meeting as Georgiana is unaware of any of the arguing or awkwardness between them.  She only knows of Lizzy what her brother has told her and it is clear he speaks of her in nothing but the highest regards.  Lizzy adores Georgiana and once again gets a view of the life she could have had with Darcy if she had married him.  A weird thing during both meetings between Lizzy and Georgiana is that they are basically wearing the same outfit both times.  I don’t know if this is on purpose or if there just wasn’t that many options back in the day.

Part 5 - Same Dress Collage

During their second meeting after Lizzy leaves Miss Bingley starts talking mad shit about Lizzy and tries to get Mr. Darcy to join in.  Mr. Darcy has none of this and says that Lizzy is one of the most handsome women he’s ever set his eyes on.

Part 5 - Miss Bingley's Resting Bitch Face Skitch

Lizzy then gets a letter that Lydia has took off with Mr. Wickham and set to scandalize the entire family.  Mr. Darcy happens to come by right after she hears the news which Lizzy tells him and is very distressed.  Darcy assumedly goes off to go find him and see if he can help but Lizzy takes this to mean he is disgusted with her and her entire family and that her chances with Darcy are now completely over.

Lizzy goes back home and suggests to Jane that Lydia’s behavior isn’t only going to hurt them going forward but was the cause of her relationship with Mr. Bingley drying up.  Mr. Bennet later comes home after trying to find Lydia in London with no luck.  What they know now is that she is with Wickham and the two are unmarried and presumably have no real plans to actually marry.

Mr. Collins comes to the house after hearing the news.  When Kitty sees him she takes off wanting nothing to do with him and later on is watching from the window which was hilarious.  This Mr. Collins scene could very well be the greatest moment in the entire series.  He manages to insult them to such a level that at one point I started to think it was art.

Part 5 - Photobomb Kitty Skitch

Lizzy finally suggest that since they are so ruined and terrible that Mr. Collins should probably leave as to not tarnish his own reputation.  He agrees and is thankful for her concern of his reputation and takes off.  Next we get a letter from Lizzy’s aunt and uncle that Mr. Wickham will marry Lydia for a portion of her inheritance when he dies and a small yearly sum.  Mr. Bennet knows that his brother must have paid a lot of money to make such terms possible.  We know who the real savior was but we don’t find out until part 6.


In the book and other versions so far Mr. Bennet has been a real bitch.  He still doesn’t know what to do and often uses humor to defuse serious situations.  In this adaptation however we got to see a side of him I had never seen before.  Once he gets home without Lydia he is determined to do better and prevent his other daughters from making the same mistake.  He apologizes to Lizzy for not listening to her and he accepts responsibility of letting Lydia go while knowing how uncontrollable she is.  I thought this was cool and it was good to see a version of Mr. Bennet that actually learns something.

Since her engagement confrontation with Darcy Lizzy is now fully aware of what others think of her family and is trying to stop them from destroying them selves.  Her awareness though could cause a lot of strife between Jane and her sisters if she’s too caviler about this.  When Jane comes to talk to her about what she meant when she said that Lydia’s behavior is causing much more damage than she is seeing she quickly covers up and deflects the question.  I think this was good of her and that Jane knowing that her chance with Mr. Bingley was ruined by her sister would only cause Jane more pain and anger.

Lydia, Lydia, Lydia.  Lizzy is only a few years older than Lydia but there is an ocean of common sense that separates the two.  Lydia naivety that Mr. Wickham’s intentions are pure is amazing.  She doesn’t even consider that something could be wrong or that the effect of her actions could have on her other sisters.  She just wants to go out and about with her shiny new beau and doesn’t once stop to think that it is odd that he won’t let her go out side or stand too close to the windows.

Drinking Game

Part 5 - Ghost Darcy 2 Skitch

  • When Miss Bingley is a bitch
  • Mention of nerves
  • When Lizzy say’s “I shall never see him again”
  • When Mr. Darcy has none of Miss Bingley’s shit and walks out
  • Ghost Darcy
  • Lady Catherine is mentioned
  • When Mrs. Bennet hits her Smelling Salts

Pride and Prejudice Episode IV: Age of Extinction

3 May

Pride and Prejudice 1995

Episode four picks up right where episode three ends with the aftermath of the Darcy proposal to Elizabeth.  Mr. Darcy immediately writes Lizzy a letter to better explain the Mr. Wickham situation.  He gives her the real down low on what is going on and let’s her know that Mr. Wickham is really the turd and that he tried to sneak marry Mr. Darcy’s 15 year old younger sister.  Mr. Darcy acknowledges his role in preventing the marriage between Mr. Bingley and Jane and again says he does not feel sorry for doing so.  While reading the letter Lizzy takes a second and realizes that her family has in fact acted a real fool and though his flippant attitude toward preventing the engagement is shitty, it is justified.  Mr. Darcy does apologizes for one thing in this instance and that is preventing Mr. Bingley from knowing that Jane was in town when she was in London.  He realizes this was a dick move but what’s done is done.

After reading the letter Lizzie has a change of heart toward Mr. Darcy and starts to think maybe he wasn’t that bad after all.

The Bennet’s, still at Roesings, pack up and head back home.  There is a blonde girl that is with them that I didn’t recognize and have no idea who she is.  She is at lunch with Lizzie and her sisters after Lizzy gets back home and then never seen from again.  It was weird.

Episode 4 - Blonde Chick

Back home Lydia is super pissed about not getting to go to Bathing to see the officers.  Mr. Bennet shuts her down with a level of giving zero fucks that is truly epic.  However Lydia gets an invite from one of their family friends so she gets to go anyway.  Before she does Lizzy, with her new knowledge of how tacky their family looks, warns Mr. Bennet that Lydia needs to reign her shit in or she’s going to bring shame on the whole family.  Mr. Bennet agrees but lets Lydia go anyway without bringing it up to her.

Lizzie leaves again and goes with her Aunt and Uncle on a tour of the countryside and low and behold they happen to go right by Mr. Darcy’s home of Pemberly.  Lizzie gets a full tour of the house starts falling for Darcy and seeing what could have been hers in a life with Darcy.  Mr. Darcy is away and not expected to be home until the following day, but, comes home a day early!  Both him and Lizzy are surprised and have an awkward conversation but are generally quite nice to each other.  Lizzy’s Aunt and Uncle are impressed by how nice he is and Mr. Darcy convinces Lizzy to meet his little sister who will be in town the following day.


Lydia wants the D!  She is super boy crazy and there is a lot of foreshadowing of what is to come in the next episode between her and Wickham.  Lizzy has a conversation with Jane about Wickham’s true nature in which they decide not to tell anyone.  This along with the conversation she has with Mr. Bennet about reigning in her boy craziness are times when they could have warned Lydia but didn’t.

It kind of sucks that really when Lizzy falls in love with Darcy is when she visits his home and sees how rich he is.  I know she really does feel for him but it really makes it looks like money is the deciding factor.

Ghost Darcy.  It happens.  It is awesome.

Episode 4 - Ghost Darcy

Mr. Collins is as creepy and weird as ever.

Episode 4 - Hey Girl Hey

Lastly, I think it’s weird they get to just tour Mr. Darcy’s house while he is away.  Maybe that was a chill thing to do in the day but it seemed odd to me.

Drinking Game

  • Every time Mr. Collins is creepy
  • Every time Mr. Collins talking about how great Roseings is
  • When Ghost Darcy Appears
  • Every time Lydia says fawns over officers
  • When Mr. Darcy jumps in the water
  • When Pemberly’s Housekeeper compliments the Darcy’s
  • Every time Mr. Darcy asks about Lizzies Parents

Pride and Prejudice Episode III: Tokyo Drift

25 Apr


Episode two ended with Mr. Collins proposal to Lizzy and episode 3 picks up with Lizzy visiting Charlotte Lucas who has just become engaged with Mr. Collins. Lizzy thinks this is horrible and that Charlotte has made a huge mistake but Charlotte tells Lizzy to step correct. She says that even though Mr. Collins isn’t attractive to her she’s not the romantic type and honestly thinks she’ll be as happy with him as with any other man. She tells Lizzy that he can afford her a comfortable lifestyle, is a good man, and that there is more to life than just being in love.

The Bingley’s leave Netherfield and Jane is heartbroken. Lizzy tries to cheer her up and tell her that they’ll be back soon but you can tell that Jane already knows that this means her chances with Mr. Bingley are over. The Bennet crew go to a party in which Mrs. Bennet talks mad shit about everyone in attendance and Lydia is extremely giddy / boy crazy and annoys everyone. Later when they get home Mary, the unlikely voice of reason, drops a deep quote about how you shouldn’t gossip and no one really listens to her.

Jane leaves Longbourn to visit her Aunt and Uncle in London. This is Lizzy’s idea since Mr. Bingley is also in London this will allow them to see each other and maybe get a marriage proposal. Jane goes to visit Caroline Bingley as soon as she arrives and gets a real annoyed unwanted vibe from her. Caroline makes an excuse to leave but promises to visit Jane in a day or two. Three weeks later Caroline finally comes to visit her and Jane realizes that Caroline has actually been her frenemy all along and has no interest in helping her get with Mr. Bingley.

Lizzie goes to Kent to visit Charlotte Lucas which a lot of things happen during this visit. First we meet Lady Catherin De Bough who is a prime example of a SOC (Sandy Old Cunt). We have seen how up her ass Mr. Collins is but once they are at Kent you really see how basically Mr. Collins entire life revolves around being her bitch. They have a real awkward dinner in which Lady Catherine is just a huge bitch to everyone. During the dinner there is some flirting/teasing between Mr. Darcy and Lizzy which is the first time you really suspect they have interest in each other. This is followed by a real awkward meeting where Mr. Darcy goes to Kent to see Lizzy. This is probably for him to propose but he loses his nerve after a little small talk and standing and sitting a lot.

The next day he comes back and proposes. Unknown to Mr. Darcy his timing could not have been shittier, because moments before Lizzy had learned that Mr. Darcy was personally responsible for discouraging Mr. Bingley from proposing to Jane. Not only that but that Mr. Darcy was bragging about it and telling people it was his great accomplishment because Bingley was in love with Jane. Needless to say Lizzie does not appreciate this so this adds a lot of gasoline to the fire of hate she already had for Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy also fucks up on all kinds of levels during the proposal and manages to insult her even further. Lizzy keeps her cool at first and just turns him down but when Mr. Darcy presses her she lets him know how she really feels and the gloves come off. The episode then ends with a rejection of the proposal and both having more disdain than ever for one another.

Deeper Thoughts

I’ve always liked the Lizzy/Charlotte scene in the book because the contrast shown between Elizabeth’s and Charlotte’s interpretation of Mr. Collins marriage proposal. Lizzy balks and runs immediately hearing his proposal and cannot fathom any one marrying Mr. Collins. Charlotte on the other hand realizes her prospects limits and while she has no romantic interest in Mr. Collins that he can provide her with other comforts and that she can live a fulfilled life with him. When Lizzy goes to Charlotte to express how sorry she feels for her it shows a real lack of maturity and understanding on Lizzy’s part. Lizzy has a hard time with empathy and understanding things from other people’s prospective.

Lady Catherine De Bough is really something else. Initially I assumed her relationship with Mr. Collins is that of one feeling sorry for him and supporting him because of his praises. Here you get a glimpse that Mr. Collins is a pet project for her and that she gets as much enjoyment out of criticizing and injecting herself in his life as he gets from her wealth. Her SOCness (sandy old cunt) has really left her with no friends and she has to provide for Mr. Collins just to have a sad sack around the home she can bitch as while he kisses her ass. What annoys me the most about Lady Catherine is her endless critique and advice on things that she has no idea what she’s talking about. When she is criticizing Lizzie for her piano playing and giving her unsolicited advice she throws in that she never learned the piano herself.

Mr. Bennet once again shows how useless he is. Now Mrs. Bennet is clearly hysterical most of the time and I suspect that Mr. Bennet in some ways enjoys seeing her like this. When she expresses a real fear that they will in fact lose the house after Charlotte is engaged to Mr. Collins his only comfort is “Let’s hope for better things!” I think Mr. Bennet is a decent guy but he just is incapable of dealing with emergencies and shuts down when trouble occurs.

Again the class differences she Austen’s lack of experience and empathy for the real lower class. When Mrs. Bennet is wailing around about her nerves and how poor and desolate their situation is there are at least 3 people working at their house hold cooking and cleaning. Sure they don’t have the money of Mr. Darcy but they are also doing pretty damn good.

Stray Thoughts


  • Jennifer Ehle is growing on me but still don’t love her as Lizzy #notmylizzie
  • I ain’t saying Mr. Wickham is a gold digger but he got real interested real quick when it became known the red head at the party was getting a fat inheritance
  • What war is going on that has all these military officers in town?
  • Whats up with the old lady with the sleeves at the party? The camera stays on her a long time and nothing comes of it
  • Mary be dropping deep knowledge on every one!

Drinking Game


  • Every time Mr. Collins fawns over Lady Catherine, double drink if he the fireplace is mentioned
  • Whenever Mrs. Bennett cries
  • Whenever Mrs. Bennett speaks of her nerves
  • Mary rocks the piano
  • When Caroline Bingley gives Jane a look that she wishes she was dead
  • When Darcy is ringed in to the Collins house
  • Someone is shown writing a letter
  • Lady Catherine De Bough does something bitchy

Pride and Prejudice 1995 Episode II: The Two Towers

23 Apr


The Quest Continues

We pick up after the business with Jane with the Bennett’s at the dinner table explaining the entail and stating that their cousin Mr. Collins is coming to visit. This was a little weird that the girls seemed unaware of Mr. Collins or the entail seeing as it will be a pretty big deal if their father were to die. And we are talking about the 1800’s so pretty much any illness or infection was all most certain death. This version of Mr. Collins was a lot creepier and terri-awesome than the 2005 film version. Mr. Collins and all his awkwardness is one of my favorite parts and this miniseries has not disappointed. Mr. Bennett also showcases his wit as he is constantly making snarky remarks to Mr. Collins who is completely unaware.

Wickem enters the picture in this part and you get a lot more sense of the flirting / liking relationship that Lizzie and Wickem had in the book in this version. It was nice to see their relationship since it is cut so short in the 2005 film version. I thought it was funny that Jane picked up that Wickem and Darcy hate each other during their first meeting. It was such a subtle glance that indicated their hate that it was kind of ridiculous she would pick it up. Jane also warns Lizzie that Wickem is probably just spitting game in order to get in her pants and she should watch out. He also pretends not to know Georgiana and indicates that she’s kind of a bitch. Wickem also sort of seems to like his lady folk young in this version. He seems way more interested in Lizzie’s sister once he learns she 15 and not 16.

The next big scene is at the ball at Netherfield in which the entire Bennett family manages to make a complete ass of themselves. I think they did a great job with this scene more so than the 2005 film version did. In the book the rudeness and unruliness of the Bennett’s one of the deciding factors for Darcy to convince Bingley not to get with Jane. In the 2005 film the Bennett’s are a little unruly but never really all that much more than the rest of the people at the party. In this version though you can see just how unruly they all are throughout the entire ball. Not only is Lydia throwing it at any boy she sees but Mary is completely unaware at how awful she sings and Mrs. Bennett gets sloshy drunk. Not only does it make the Bennett’s look bad but you really see how little Mr. Bennett has over is family. It was something that comes up in the book a lot, especially in the later areas but Mr. Bennett’s ineffectiveness to handle his shit is a big theme in this book. Having him just sit back and be unable to stop his family from embarrassing themselves illustrates this quiet well. There is a wonderful scene of Mr. Collins introducing himself to Mr. Darcy who wants none of his bullshit.

Mr. Collins proposal is still as awkward and awesome as ever. I like the character of Charlotte Lucas more and more in this version as she is the voice of reason.

I still don’t see how we have 3 more parts left of this series, we are at roughly the half way point of the 2005 movie and still have 3/5 of film to see.

Drinking Game

  • Every time Mary plays the piano, double drinks when Mary starts singing
  • Whenever Mr. Collins mentions Roseings or Lady Catherine De Bourgh
  • Whenever the word Pride or Prejudice is mentioned
  • Whenever there is dancing or Lydia mentions dancing
  • Specifically when Mr. Collins mentions the Chimney that costs 8k take a shot
  • Take a Drink every time that Mrs. Bennett takes a drink during the ball
  • Pour one out when you see Charlotte leave with Mr. Collins